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Self Care Practices You Don’t Realize are Self Care

Self Care Practices You Don’t Realize are Self Care

Self Care Practices You Don’t Realize are Self Care 6000 4000 Jacqueline Hebert

10 Practices that You Probably Don’t Realize are Self Care

Popular belief is that self care is intentional. It is an action taken deliberately in order to take care of our emotional, mental and physical health. Have you felt the trend in our society to make it feel forced as something we must do, rather than something we choose to do. If you find yourself under pressure to engage in more self care or catch yourself saying “I don’t have time!”, cut yourself some slack! You’re probably doing more for your wellness than you give yourself credit. Check out this list of unintentional self care practices to see if you’re already doing self care practices that you didn’t even realize were self care!

1. Staying in!

If life is feeling busy and you are always on the go, you are likely to feel exhausted, run-down or overwhelmed eventually. When you decline an invitation and choose to stay in, it can provide you the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. It’s okay to take a time out!

2. Saying “No!”

When you set limits, set boundaries and say “No” (or No thank you) it can help you to maintain balance and avoid overwhelming yourself with responsibility, commitment and obligation.

3. Going to therapy is self care

Therapy provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts, emotions, opinions, concerns, and ideas with a trusted listener who helps you feel understood and validated. Spending an hour/week on yourself intentionally focusing on personal growth and self-fulfillment is a form of self care! Contact your therapist now!

4. Volunteering

Giving your time to help others provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction that contributes to well-being especially when you choose to do it in a setting or with a population that you really enjoy!  

5. Unfollowing

 Getting critical about who you follow on social media is beneficial to your wellness. By choosing to unfollow or even block accounts that leave you feeling inadequate, jealous or angry, you make space for following more inspirational and confidence boosting accounts like this!

6. Packing a lunch is self care

Whether you’re headed to work, school or a trip to the zoo, taking the time to pack your lunch in advance is a form of self care! Food affects how we feel; it determines our energy level and impacts our mood. When you pack a lunch, you are able to be intentional about how you are fuelling your body and you have the ability to choose foods that help you feel energized and nourished rather than feel obligated to consume fast food.

7. Putting down your phone

Whether it’s intentional or coincidental, you are engaging with self care if you find yourself screen free for moments throughout your day. You may notice that you can engage more fully with those around you. By really listening to what people are saying, you are able to form connections with others. This is an essential component of wellness.

8. Meeting a friend for coffee

As life gets busier it can become more and more difficult to nurture our friendships. If you’re squeezing in a meet up while you’re out running Saturday morning errands or using your lunch hour to chat with a friend, you’re on the right track – Keep it simple! Staying connected doesn’t have to be elaborate! 

9. Drinking water

Staying hydrated is important! You might even carry a reusable water bottle! If so, you’re taking care of yourself, AND being earth friendly! Keep it up!

10. Wearing what you love is self care

Putting on your favourite T-shirt or getting all dressed up for a special event, Marie Kondo says it best, “Does it spark joy?” Wearing clothes you love or clothes that make you feel good is a simple and effective way to show yourself you care!

Remember, caring for yourself is personal and it has to feel right for you. If this list got you thinking about other self care practices that you didn’t realize were self care, let me know in the reply below!

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