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Gratitude 1200 1800 Jacqueline Hebert

Thanks to our resident Mindfulness Guru, Andrea Harris, this blog post reminds us about the importance of gratitude and offers a simple exercise to try!


Slow down, notice, observe, and appreciate…

Gratitude comes when we are mindful and observe the simple beauty in our everyday lives.

Did you know?

The benefits of gratitude are endless! Gratitude can help improve sleep patterns, increase feelings of joy and pleasure, reduce feelings of loneliness and strengthen the immune system. It’s important to remember the mind and body connection, the power of our thoughts on our bodies. Gratitude can decrease stress and enhance optimistic thinking.

Try it!

Take a moment, and slow down your breath. Focus on breathing in slowly, and exhaling slowly. Then, bring your attention to gratitude. When you focus on what you are grateful for, what comes to mind? Where do your thoughts take you? Sit here for a moment, acknowledging all that comes to mind. Allow your thoughts to explore your gratitude, and see where it takes you.

Bring appreciation to what you notice. Notice what you are grateful for, and simply say “thank you”. What does it feel like to acknowledge and bring thanks? Leave a reply and let us know!