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Think. Talk. Thrive. Are you ready?

Think. Talk. Thrive. Are you ready?

Think. Talk. Thrive. Are you ready? 2048 1366 Jacqueline Hebert

If you’re considering therapy, knowing a bit more about our philosophy will be helpful.

At Onyx, we create opportunity for you to:

  • Make meaning of your experiences and interactions
    • Have you ever had a disagreement with someone, that left you feeling confused and unsettled? It can be hard to understand how it happened or unfolded, you might wonder about your role in the interaction.
    • Is something from your past, taking up too much space in the present?
    • Have you acted in a way that is not okay with you?
    • Or sometimes really positive experiences can also feel overwhelming, like a promotion, engagement, or new baby…
  • Understand yourself better through a lens of compassion
    • Are you finding that your inner voice is more critical than loving?
    • Do you wonder how certain aspects of your life have turned out the way they have?
    • Do you want to reconnect with your values?
    • Getting to know yourself with compassion makes space for self- forgiveness, which can be a freeing and liberating experience.
  • Find connection with someone who listens and understands you
    • Does it ever feel like it’s difficult to have some conversations with our closest people? We understand that, and believe that these conversations need to happen. That’s one reason seeing a therapist can be helpful even if you have friends and family in your life.
    • Have you ever felt that someone articulated your own thoughts into words?
    • We are social beings, and we need connection to others. We also need to feel heard by others, and at Onyx we believe this to be the basis of any strong therapeutic relationship.
  • Look for new perspectives, and explore alternative ones
    • Have you been feeling like you’re going through the motions of life, and are ready to engage with life in a different way?
    • It’s through talking and thinking that we have realizations and self-reflections, which in turn provide us the ability to change.
    • Sometimes we get caught up in our usual ways of thinking and doing and it’s difficult to see ourselves from any other angle.